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I am using the Google Maps API as described here, and I added Adsense Ads to the page as defined here. I would like to display different ad sizes based on the screen size of the device. Currently I display one size, that is too small for a desktop browser, and too large for a mobile browser.

Is there any way to go about doing this?

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Try checking the javascript properties screen.width and screen.height.

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Place them in a container and set the container to be in % width and then set your iframe to be the same. So depending on the screen size your adds will expand to fix the percentage. You may need to fire a resize event to cater for a user minimizing the screen. Example:

Your CSS:

.ad-holder{ width: 33%;height: 200px;} //width can be anything you declare

Your HTML:

<div class="ad-holder">
<iframe src="the map or ad" width="100%" height="200px" frameborder="0" id="map_options_styling_iframe">
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I think you are referring to scaling the ads based on the screen size, but unfortunately that is against the rules of Google Adsense. I went with the answer above, because I ended up using javascript to check the screen size, and decide which ad size to display to the user. –  xur17 Sep 21 '12 at 3:13

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