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What is the best transaction isolation mode for an e-commerce site that has to do the typical run-down of database operations for subtracting inventory? Should I be using READ COMMITTED to protect against reading in-transaction data?

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Do you want the data to be accurate or not ? And exactly how accurate do you want it to be ? And exactly how much guarantee do you expect from the system that your data will indeed be accurate ?

On a scale from zero to 100%, 100% means that you should use SERIALIZABLE, and zero means that you can afford (/your user can accept) READ UNCOMMITTED.

EDIT (following suggestion in comment)

But of course the stronger guarantees regarding data integrity come at a price. At the very least, "stronger" isolation levels (SERIALIZABLE, REPEATABLE READ) will always leave less opportunity for update transactions to run concurrently. They might also be responsible for less concurrency between updaters and readers. No hard and fast universal rules, depends on the internal mechanisms that the engine uses.

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Probably you should also explain the downsides of using SERIALIZABLE, as it is not obvious why you shouldn't always go with it. –  lanzz Sep 22 '12 at 11:51

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