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What would be the easiest way to determine if a Javascript object has only one specific key-value pair?

For example, I need to make sure that the object stored in the variable text only contains the key-value pair 'id' : 'message'

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Key-value stores are objects in Javascript. Arrays are a special kind of object with numeric keys. Since you are talking about something with the key 'id', you're surely talking about an object rather than an array. – Chuck Sep 21 '12 at 0:06
Thank you for correcting that. – FatalKeystroke Sep 21 '12 at 2:29
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var keys = Object.keys(text), key = keys[0];

if (keys.length !== 1 || key !== "id" || text[key] !== "message")
    alert("Wrong object");
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you can stringify it and try to match it with a regEx. Example:

if (JSON.stringify(test).match(/\"id":\"message\"/)) {
else  console.log("not found");
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var moreThanOneProp = false;
for (var i in text) {
   if (i != 'id' || text[i] != 'message') {
      moreThanOneProp = true;

if (!moreThanOneProp)
   alert('text has only one property');
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If you know the property you want, wouldn't be quicker to just make a shallow copy of the object, pruned of everything is not needed?

var text = {
    id : "message",
    badProperty : "ugougo"

text = { id : }

Assuming that I've understood correctly your question...

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If you are talking about all enumerable properties (i.e. those on the object and its [[Prototype]] chain), you can do:

for (var prop in obj) {

  if (!(prop == 'id' && obj[prop] == 'message')) {
    // do what?

If you only want to test enumerable properties on the object itself, then:

for (var prop in obj) {

  if (obj.hasOwnProperty(prop) && !(prop == 'id' && obj[prop] == 'message')) {
    // do what?
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