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Want to create web sites with data on Dynamics AX. We want not to pay for Enterpise Portal or SHarepoint an do our own web app on top of AX.

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Which Axapta version? –  Jan B. Kjeldsen Aug 12 '09 at 13:29

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You are pretty much on your own.

If your web-application is read-only then reading from the database (or an offline copy) may be an option. Then your question boils down to: how to create a web site?

If your web-application needs to write data back, you should not write directly to the database. You have to talk to Axapta. Depending on Axapta version it could mean one of:

  1. Use document exchange (maybe a combination of XML, AIF and BizzTalk)
  2. Use Axapta Buissness COM-connector
  3. Use AX .NET Framework
  4. Use AX web services (in AX 2009)

Listed in decreasing difficulty. Option 1 is slow and difficult, but would allow asynchronous communication with AX.

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