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Where is the RTMP live stream Link in the following Embed and how can i test the link and see if it is working or not

enter image description here

i thought it could be this but not sure


beacsue i'm play this stream using jwplayer and it keeps telling me

stream not found :rtmp://--------------------

here is my code so far and a Live DEMO

    <div id="container2">Loading the player...</div>
       <script type="text/javascript">
             flashplayer: "",
             height: 270,
             width: 480,
             image: "",
             levels: [
{ bitrate: 300, file: "rtmp://", width: 320 },
{ bitrate: 600, file: "rtmp://", width: 480 },
{ bitrate: 900, file: "rtmp://", width: 720 }
             provider: "rtmp",
         streamer: "rtmp://"

there is something wrong i hope you guys can help me thanks


There is no way to do this with out a third party to transcode your stream

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Are you sure jwplayer supports rtmp? – Akash Kava Sep 28 '12 at 19:45
it doesn't .. the only two options i have is using a third party like wawza and pay $55/month or use VLC -or similar- to transcode the stream as a server – Mina Gabriel Sep 28 '12 at 19:52
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As mentioned here, You may use rtmpdump, to test a rtmp connection.

Fiddling with what you shared, I was able to get your live stream by setting :

file : "rakoty"

Here is the running fiddle.

I would also like to suggest not to edit you post & remove the original question when it is answered, rather post a new one. Perhaps the earlier question could have been helpful to someone in future...

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You have streamer: rtmp:// file: rakoty

rtmpdump -o a.flv -r rtmp://

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