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Originally, my image container div was:

<div id="offer_image" class="img_preview_container" />
<a class="preview_overlay"></a>

Then this executed:

$('#image_upload_form input').change(function() {

    if ( $(this).val() == '') return false;

        success: function ( data ) { 
            if ( (/^http:\/\//).test(data) ) {
                $('#offer_detail input[name=image]').val(data);
                myImage = new Image();
                myImage.src = data;
                $(myImage).load(function() {
            else {
                $('<div></div>').html(data).dialog({ title: 'Unable to upload your image' });


When that JavaScript code executed, an <img> tag is added to the orignal image container div:

<div id="offer_image" class="img_preview_container" />
    <a class="preview_overlay"></a>
    <img src="http://www.test.com/pic1.png", alt="uploaded img">

I am not sure where exactly the tag <img> is being added. Is it:

  1. $('#offer_image').updateimgto(myImage.src)?
  2. I put myImage.title="my pic" in the JavaScript but it doesn't add to that <img> tag output. Why?
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What's updateimgto defined as? – nneonneo Sep 21 '12 at 1:23
note <div id="offer_image" class="img_preview_container" /> should be <div id="offer_image" class="img_preview_container"> as what you have there is invalid HTML – Ryan Erickson Sep 21 '12 at 1:38
  1. Most likely in the updateimgto function, would need to see it to be sure.

  2. After the call to updateimgto try adding
    $('#offer_image img').attr('title','my pic');

    This should help clarify if the image has been added to the DOM at this point and also update the title.

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In the first place

<div id="offer_image" class="img_preview_container" /> // 

needs to be

<div id="offer_image" class="img_preview_container" > 

Secondly what does this $('#offer_image').updateimgto(myImage.src);

Is updateimgto a method of some particular plugin.. If not why are you calling like a method for an object ??

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