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I've got a problem about passing images.

I've created two GUIs, one for processing data(GUI1) and the other for producing different kinds of images.(GUI2)

I've tried using setappdata/getappdata for passing variables then plot them in GUI2. However, there's some different groups of my data so I use for loop in GUI1 to separate them. Thus, if I used setappdata, it would only pass one set of variable.

My idea is plotting all images in GUI1 then extracting them in GUI2 so I tried to use setappdata/getappdata to save image handles. However, it would only pass the integer but not the image.

Here's my code:


for i = 1:3
   h=figure(); plot(...); 


for i = 1:3
  i = getappdata(0,strcat('h',num2str(i)));

then it would show i = 1; i = 2; i = 3;

Can I extract images without saving them into disk?


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