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I am trying to create a script on Windows which when run on an admin PC:

  1. Copies a folder from the admin PC into a group of network PCs by specifying the ip address / range
  2. For each destination PC, Navigate into the folder and run another script file.

Using the method described by seanyboy here:

net use \\{dest-machine}\{destfolder} {password} /user:{username}
copy {file} \\{dest-machine}\{destfolder}

I'm not sure on how i can write a 'for' loop to go through each 'dest-machine' and perform step 2. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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check Robocopy:

ROBOCOPY \\server-source\c$\VMExports\ C:\VMExports\ /E /COPY:DAT

make sure you check what robocopy parameter you want. this is just an example. type robocopy /? in a comandline/powershell on your windows system.

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Why for? What do you want to iterate? Try this.

call :cpy pc-name-1
call :cpy pc-name-2

net use \\%1\{destfolder} {password} /user:{username}
copy {file} \\%1\{destfolder}
goto :EOF
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