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I have a model that needs to be accessed by several views and to accomplish this in the definition of the model module I'm instantiating it immediately like so:

], function(_, Backbone) {
    var Foo = Backbone.Model.extend({
        // wondrous methods and properties

    return new Foo();

I only really need one instance of this model - right now that is. The workaround for this as far as I know is to have a separate App module. Something like:

define([], function() {
    var App = {
        routers: {},
        models: {},
        views: {}

    return App;

on which you can instantiate and store references to objects on app startup:

], function(App, Foo) {
    App.models.foo = new Foo();

but I feel like this is a poor alternative since you're essentially going back to having a global namespace - which is something that RequireJS is supposed to help avoid.

Are there any alternatives and is there any good reason to avoid having singleton models as I described above?

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You should be completely fine they way you have done it in your first example. –  Radko Dinev Aug 27 '14 at 7:25

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Hmm.. I have been using the RequireJS modules as Singleton objects for a while with no problem. Here is a related question that I asked.

Is it a bad practice to use the requireJS module as a singleton?

Hope this helps!

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You don't need to create the namespace thing. Your first example creates a singleton. Whenever you require this module you get the same instance of your model. So instead of creating a new App module and save the instance there, just require the module of your first example directly. We use it in our app to have a singleton instance of our app and I can see no pitfalls with this.

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