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I'm developing a retail site which has an embedded PayPal system which uses chained payments (so that commission for every sale goes to a third party).

I want to update my database when an order is made. I want a user to buy an item and for the stock listed in the database to be decreased. For this, I need the item number (custom 6-digit numbers I'm using).

When the IPN message comes through, there are variables called:

item_number1 item_number2 item_number3 etc, for every item.

However, all values are empty. How do I send the item numbers to PayPal for them to be sent back in the IPN message?

My request for sending items to PayPal via SetPaymentOptions works something like this:

$nvpstr .= "&receiverOptions[0].invoiceData.item[$key].name=$product[Name]";
            $nvpstr .= "&receiverOptions[0].invoiceData.item[$key].price=$productTotalPrice";
            $nvpstr .= "&receiverOptions[0].invoiceData.item[$key].itemCount=$quantity";
            $nvpstr .= "&receiverOptions[0].invoiceData.item[$key].itemPrice=$product[Price]";
            $nvpstr .= "&receiverOptions[0].invoiceData.item[$key].identifier=$product[ID]";

Thanks in advance for any help!

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You can set these values at the query string of your IPN url.

When you define your ipn URL in a form like:

attach the variables 

you can also add these vars to an array, serialize it and use base64_encode instead.


$items = array('customvar1' => 'customval1');
$ipnUrl = "" . base64_encode(serialize($items ));
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