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Adwhril is dead, at least for iOS. The code has not been updated for a very long time. It was already giving warning from iOS 5, now it does not even compile unless you import a depreciated header file and change some extra lines.
House adds also don't support retina resolutions let alone iPhone 5.

I guess as Google bought it they're not in a big hurry to update it. I wouldn't be surprised if one day they just pull the plug and kill it without warning. It's such a pity because it was great.

My question is whether there is something else which can replace Adwhril? Some sort of ad network aggregation service or a decent open source framework?

UPDATE: I tried Admob Mediation which is supposed to be the successor of AdWhirl. Well, in short it is not. Even though AdWhirl has not been updated for two years it is still way much more powerful than Admob. For example, AdMob does not support automatic interface orientation changes. It has so called smart ads which supposed to do that. It is a big no-no for iAd. Apple can kill your iAd ads for your app if it displays portrait ads in landscape. The only workaround is to kill the existing ad and request a new one.

It does not do transitions between ads, they just appear. Not very eye catchy.

They claim it does mediation among the networks so it picks which pays the most. But you have to give that number, so it is nothing more than giving ad network priorities.

UPDATE 2 I started updating my apps to use Admob Mediation. I can summerize the process in three words: PAIN, PAIN and PAIN.

It looks like Adwhril version 0.1b, lack of features, documentation and utterly unintuitive. Webpage stuck in the 90s. I'm going to drop Admob altogether, it does not worth the pain. iAd gives me 6-7x higher ePCM than Admob, it's worth the risk

UPDATE 3 I dropped AdMob altogether. It turned out it was a very good decision.

I think AdWhirl was tweaked to direct more traffic to AdMob from iAd.

Since I switched all of my ad revenues are up at least 50%. I use iAd for default and when there is no ads (10-15%), I use MMedia.

At AdMob I had around $0.28 ECPM, iAd gives me around $1.8 and MMedia $0.42. I also tried MOPUB which was also fine.

The big difference between AdMob and MMedia/Mopub is not only the revenue but support. Admob has ZERO support. There is no email, phone number even if you want to spend money. I was facing a technical issue, I could not start a campaign (spend money) because the AdMob portal always got stuck finding my apps (I tried 3 diff browsers) The only way to get some help to start a thread on their support forum, but it was immediately deleted without any explanation. And I'm not alone, it's quite common. I'm glad that Google is beaten up by small startups in this field.

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AdMob Mediation is the successor of AdWhirl. It is integrated directly within the AdMob SDK. The advantages of AdMob Mediation over AdWhirl better revenue optimizations, additional ad network integrations, improved reporting, and enhanced stability (AdWhirl servers used to go down sometimes).

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I have to look into that. It sounds good by looking its description. –  Tibidabo Sep 22 '12 at 3:48
I dropped Admob, thanks. There are much better, easier to use and more revenue generating options out there with real support (you don't have to post question at stack overflow). I use MMedia as a backup solution for iAD, but MoPub looks good as well. Both companies replied my questions within hours. My revenues are significantly higher since the switch. –  Tibidabo Aug 28 '13 at 4:24

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