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This is my sample:

routes.MapPageRoute("template1", "{name}/template1", "~/area/template1.aspx")
routes.MapPageRoute("template2", "{name}/template2", "~/area/template2.aspx")
routes.MapPageRoute("template3", "{name}/template3", "~/area/template3.aspx")
routes.MapPageRoute("templateN", "{name}/templateN", "~/area/templateN.aspx")

Whenever I add a new template, I need to add a new MapPageRoute line into my global file.

Is there a way to shorten it so it could represent everything? Thanks a lot.

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Why not put all the names such as template1, template2, ... into an array and loop over that?

Basically, something like:

var routes = new [ 'template1', 'template2', 'template3' ];

foreach (var route in routes)
    routesMapPageRoute(route, "{name}/" + route, "~/area/" + route + ".aspx");
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