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I have created a Student Application Form with NetBeans. The form contains JTextFields, JRadioButtons, JComboBoxes, JTextArea, and two JButtons, one is SUBMIT another one is Reset JButton. Then I connect it to my MySQL DataBase. After clicking on the SUBMIT JButton the data will be stored into the database. But the problem is that after clicking SUBMIT JButton the fields are not cleared.

I want the fields to be empty when the data has been entered.

Another problem is for JCombobox, I wrote code like this:

String ob1=(String) combobox1.getSelectedItem()//getting date
String ob2=(String) combobox2.getSelectedItem()//getting month
String ob2=(String) combobox3.getSelectedItem()//getting year

I want to store above ob1,ob2,ob3 in Date of birth format like 30-mar-1991.

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First if you want to clear fields in swing, you can write your own reset() in that you should manually clear your fields, For example JTextField, JTextField.setText("");

For RadioButton, you can use clearSelection() for your ButtonGroup. Like this you should define it in your reset() method. When you perform action for submit button you can call your reset() in the actionPerformed, so that you can clear fields. You can use this reset() in your reset button actionPerformed.

Second if you want, date of birth format like 30-mar-1991, convert it into single string then you can use SimpleDateFormat, refer this link

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isn't simpler to use JSpinner with SpinnerDateModel, previously upvoted – mKorbel Sep 21 '12 at 7:48
I haven't used JSpinner so far... After checking it i feel it would be a better choice.... – Vinesh Sep 21 '12 at 9:24

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