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Can I use CSS/stylesheets to style a item in QGraphicsView, like QGraphicsWidget? If yes, how?

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I don't think it's directly possible, at least if you apply a stylesheet to the QGraphicsView itself it will not affect any widgets inside of it. However, you can assign a stylesheet to a widget before adding it into the scene, then it will keep it's style after being added:

QGraphicsScene scene;
QPushButton b;


QGraphicsView view(&scene);
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Ok, that is a nice trick. But I think I'm right when I say that none of the "GraphicsView-based" objects (Not old-school Widgets) have a setStyleSheet method. So they their look should be defined using Pallets and drawn using a QPainter in a overridden Paint function. – Artis De Partis Sep 21 '12 at 6:47

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