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<div class="component-content login-wrap2">
<div class="login"></div>
            <a href="/shipzilla/login?view=registration">
            Not a member yet?
            <span>Sign up now!</span>

I want to change the attribute for the href in the 3rd li. The problem, what selector should I use so that I could user the .attr() function. :)

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Do you not have control over the HTML? –  Tyler Crompton Sep 21 '12 at 5:26
Thanks for the help guys. I already have the selector.. thank you. :) –  severinolorillajr Sep 21 '12 at 8:42

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this will give u content of third li.

alert ($("ul li:nth-child(3)").html());​​​​​
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thank u! this is exactly what I needed. –  severinolorillajr Sep 21 '12 at 8:35
$('div:eq(2) li:eq(2)').attr('href' , '/shipzilla/Cart') 

will change the href to the new value..

You can also try these selectors..

$('div:eq(2) ul li:eq(2)');
    $('div:eq(2) ul li:nth-child(3)');

Try this code

$(function() {
    var elem = $('div:eq(2) li:eq(2)');
    console.log('Old href : ' + elem.attr(href));
    $('div:eq(2) li:eq(2)').attr('href', '/shipzilla/Cart');

    console.log('New href : ' + elem.attr(href));


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You can use this for selecting div > 2nd div > 3rd li . This will help you to select this .

console.log($("div div:nth-child(2) ul li:nth-child(3) a"));
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