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I am trying to send data from a javascript app running in GTK webkit to Python via a HTTP request with the data sent in POST.

I can capture the request using resource-request-starting and checking the uri of the request.

I know the request works because I can send data through the request headers and view it with

def on_resource_request_starting(view, frame, resource, request, response):
    uri = urllib.unquote(request.props.uri)
    if uri.startswith('http://appname.local/'):
        print request.get_message().request_headers.get_one('foobar')

But when I use print request.get_message().request_body.data I don't get anything.

How do I view the POST data?

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Please post the answer if you will find it –  Vor Oct 20 '12 at 0:43

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I haven't used this API, but I believe you need to call the binding's equivalent of soup_message_body_flatten() before reading the data field. See the documentation for SoupMessageBody in the C API.

So, at a guess:

print request.get_message().request_body.flatten().data
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