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I am a iPhone developer. I know that we can open iphone app from other apps using CustomURL Scheme and calling that from openURL: method.

What I am looking for I want to open my app which has some customURLScheme registered in plist file from a php web pages. I have a very little knowledge on PHP. I know that I can check that the client browser from where we got request is iphone safari or not.

now I have following logic to follow:

if(Client == iPhoneSafari) {
    //Open My App URL

For opening app from iphone to iphone we use following code:

[[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:myURL];

I have checked This Link and I want to make sure that the same code of iphone will work for web page opened in iphone safari or not??

If no than I want to know what code we need to write for samething to do in webpage for opening app.

I know this is very silly to ask for code here.. but I don't know about PHP and I am not aware with syntax.

Thanks In Advance

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Check out my answer here. – Filip Radelic Sep 21 '12 at 5:51
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Presuming you have already setup the custom URL scheme in your plist file, you can do something like this in PHP:


function isIphone($user_agent=NULL) {
    if(!isset($user_agent)) {
        $user_agent = isset($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']) ? $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] : '';
    return (strpos($user_agent, 'iPhone') !== FALSE);

if(isIphone()) {
    //header('Location: myapp://
    ?><a href="myapp://">Tap this to launch application</a><?php
} else {
?><h1>Visit this page in iOS</h1><?php



You check which browser it is using the UserAgent and then show a hyperlink leading to your custom URL scheme.

You can also use php-mobile-detect:

This has a very convenient function for detecting iPad, iPhone and iPod browsers all in one. The above example works only for iPhone.

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