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I need to design a control that can create/manipulate a really simple Algorithm flow chart. It will only have conditional (if, if,else) and assignment blocks.

Some key features that I need to implement are:

  1. Users can freely add/manipulate/remove conditional and statement blocks on anywhere desired.
  2. The chart can be folded/expanded. (For instance, if I clicked on the plus button right below b=3 assignment statement, everything below would be folded)

Are there any non-proprietary controls available for .NET that I can use? If not, what are some strategies that I should employ to tackle this problem?

enter image description here

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Another non-free WPF tool for the job

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By non-proprietory do you mean free? You may want to check out Add Flow

Its not free , but well worth it.

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Have you considered hosting the WorkflowDesigner?

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Have a look at Diagram Designer. You should be able to use it for inspiration/help to create a flow chart control that suit your needs.

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Yes, this was the first thing that came up in my mind. I would've liked something that can automatically design an algorithm flow chart, not just draw a regular flowchart. – l46kok Sep 30 '12 at 9:03

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