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I am serching a batch scripting option which is quivalent to "for i in cat xx.txt" in unix.

logic of script is

xx.txt has list of folder names which I will be uning in script

for i in `cat xx.txt`
    cd "e:/test/$i/$yy/$mm/$DD"

can I have batch equivalent logic for above...

Thanks in advance


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for /f %%I in (xx.txt) do (
    cd e:\test\%%i\%yy%\%mm%\%DD%

(Here I assume that variables yy, mm and DD are set to something useful, which you didn't include in the code sample).

You may also need to play with for /f options, depending on the directory list file format. Use for/? for details.

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thanks a lot.... –  Sree Oct 1 '12 at 11:39

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