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I have a ListBox and a DataGrid, DataGrid displays price quotes supplied by suppiers, while ListBox displays the supplier list. What I want to achieve is to check/uncheck the supplier in the supplier list and filter the DataGrid such that DataGrid will only show quotes from the suppliers that are checked in the ListBox.

The difficulty I am facing now is,

I have a unique list of Suppliers

class Supplier
    bool IsChecked {get; set;}
    Person Supplier {get; set;}


ObservableCollections<Supplier> SupplierList;

I have a list of Quote

class Quote
    double Price {get; set;}
    Supplier Supplier{get; set;}
    Quote(double price, Supplier supplier)
         Price = price;
         Supplier = supplier;

ObservableCollections<Quote> QuoteList;

QuoteList is bind to DataGrid, while SupplierList is bind to ListBox.

When I check/uncheck the SupplierList in the ListBox, Can the Suppliers in the Quote be changed at the same time? and How to achieve that?

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Are items in SupplierList and Supplier instances in quotes from QuoteList the same instances? If no, how two instances of supplier can be checked for equivalence? –  Dennis Sep 21 '12 at 7:01
@Dennis hi, i actually like to make them the same instance, but when I use a Supplier instance from SupplierList to construct a Quote in QuoteList, it get copied and dont share the same IsChecked property anymore. How can I design my class to make them the same instance? –  tesla1060 Sep 21 '12 at 7:27
Show Quote construction code, please. –  Dennis Sep 21 '12 at 7:58
@Dennis now edited with Quote constructor –  tesla1060 Sep 22 '12 at 10:39

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In this case you dont need to produce an ObservableCollection, you are not locked into having a physical list instead of just a query.

I would suggest that you introduce a SupplierQuoteQuery class (see MVVM pattern for more info on ViewModels) to support this view, it needs to implement INotifyPropertyChanged so that you can advise when your filtered list changes.

You need to wire up some way of notifying the SupplierQuoteQuery class when your IsChecked changes, and that should cause the PropertyChanged to be called for a new Property FilteredQuotes.

public IEnumerable<Quote> FilteredQuotes { get {
  return from x in Quotes where x.Supplier.IsChecked select x; } }
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