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I am developing standard J2ME apps in NETbeans, but is there any specific IDE and emulator for Blackberry development? Any specific documentation about J2ME for Blackberry ?

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There is the API Reference for every Blackberry OS. Example 4.5 (just change the Version number to 4.7 or any other version).

But you can find a lot of resources at the Developer Site of Research in Motion. Personally I use the eclipse plugin as IDE.

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I developed a standard J2ME application in netbeans with about 10 UI screens and using webservices. I was quiet satisfied with the results. I then spent about a week trying to "port" this application to a blackberry. (Trying your approach of getting blackberry api working on Netbeans and trying native J2ME on the blackberry SDK)

I then only managed to get successful results by starting a fresh Blackberry application using the standard blackberry Eclipse IDE. Although I have two separate applications in different platforms I am happy with this two IDE approach.

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A note of advise when developing for the blackberry: check with the bb API before before using any of the 'advanced' features of J2ME they are far from being all implemented.

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