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I am new in Linq.I am facing one situation where i have to make subquery in LINQ using two diffrent database tables of same server.

Here is my sql query :

SELECT * FROM DB1.dbo.tbl_inv_emoheader where bln_export = 1 and 
str_destbranch in (SELECT systemcode from DB2.dbo.system_contact where    isnull(rovctrlvan_email,'')!='')

It works fine for me.

Problem :

I want the above query in Linq.


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What have you tried? mySubQuery.Contains(row.str_destbranch) doesn't work? –  lc. Sep 21 '12 at 7:41
No,Can you explain it ? –  Sunny Sep 21 '12 at 7:44

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After spending some time on this i got the answer

  List<tbl_inv_emoheader> CheckMsgid = (from EMOheader in InvData.tbl_inv_emoheaders
                                                  where (EMOheader.bln_export == true && (from i in GetEmail() select i).Contains(EMOheader.str_destbranch))
                                                  select EMOheader).ToList();

private static IEnumerable<string> GetEmail()
        List<string> strEmails;
        using (SharedSynchDataContext dc = new SharedSynchDataContext(Connections.Getencompass3()))
            strEmails= (from l in dc.system_contacts
                    where (l.rovctrlvan_email != string.Empty)
                    select l.systemcode).ToList();
        return strEmails;
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