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Does anybody know how to copy current line number in Intellij Idea 11?


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This feature is currently not available in IntelliJ IDEA. One can write a plug-in that will add an action to copy current line number to the clipboard, it should not be very hard.

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thx, could you please point me to the documentation or some examples how to do that? –  pbespechnyi Sep 26 '12 at 6:54

You could use Ctrl+Shift+Alt+C to copy a reference to a line or symbol. When used within a class, it will copy to the clipboard a string of the form <fully qualified path>:<line number>.

I came across this feature in the documentation for IDEA 14, but if I’m interpreting the document correctly, this feature has been available since IDEA 10.5.

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In Intellij Idea v12 we can use Ctrl + G.

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