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Is it necessary to indent the XML tags in a XML file for successful parsing of the file?

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No, the XML spec define whitespace in between tags as content to be ignored.

However, the point of XML is to be human as well as machine readable, so indentation is generally worth having, as it makes it far easier for human readers to work with and take in the structure at a glance.

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It's not completely ignored. If there is any whitespace between elements in (X)HTML rendering, it will be interpreted as a space. If there isn't, it won't. – Maarten May 19 '13 at 17:33

No, the indentation does not matter in XML documents.

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Short, short, short answer: Nope.

Longer answer: It depends on your application whether or not whitespace is significant. If you indent your XML file you add whitespace which sometimes has meaning to the application processing the data contained.

But for parsing the XML file? Whitespace does not influence the parse-ability, no. See the whitespace handling section of the XML specification.

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