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I'd like to achieve the glow effect on what I believe are UILabels (or maybe a custom control?) in this application called convert. I think the app looks pretty neat and I'm trying to achieve a similar effect for my own application

Any help?

Best regards

alt text

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The applicatin seems to have the glow effect only for numbers. That's 10 digits plus a few symbols (".", "+", "-", etc). An easy way to achieve this is to have a different image for each digit and symbol, and create a subclass of UIView that can draw numbers in its drawDect method.

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In my answer here, I describe a way to apply a glow effect to any text or vector elements drawn within a UIView or CALayer.

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Brad, please don't go 100% moderator on us! Answers like this make Stack Overflow for Objective-C users. +1 for the link, thanks. – Dan Rosenstark Apr 9 '12 at 1:05

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