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I'm banging my head to find a way to assert HTTP response code 302 using Junit framework in Jersey.

public void testResponseCodeWithNoIMEI() throws Exception {
    WebResource webResource = resource();
     ClientResponse clientResponse = webResource.path("/catalog").
                                        header(HttpHeaders.IF_MODIFIED_SINCE,"Aug 2011").get(ClientResponse.class);
     LOG.debug("Server response :"+clientResponse);

This particular request should return me HTTP 302 +location. It is returning, but the ClientReqest is trying to navigate to that URL. I'm not sure about the default behaviour, but I want to stop and just check the HTTP 302 would be enough to make the test to pass. Basically it is one of the Junit test.

Any idea how to do this.


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Since you acknowledge that there is a default behavior that you could look into - you may find it best to research that and update the question with what you've found. You may answer your own question, or provide enough for someone to have insight for you. Don't presume everyone knows every default - do as much legwork as you can and bring it to the table... even if that is over time. –  New Alexandria Sep 24 '12 at 4:23

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You should do

  com.sun.jersey.api.client.Client client = Client.create();
  client .setFollowRedirects(false);

It would be added to your resource() method.

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