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I run specs in my local machine and in a CI server. In the first case I want specs to fail fast, and in the other I want run all of them. I've set --fail-fast in my .rspec file. How can I override it on the CI server? I run there RSpec using rake spec and I set SPEC_OPTS env variable.

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Have you considered not checking the .rspec file in ? (or removing it on the CI server before running specs) –  Frederick Cheung Sep 21 '12 at 8:59

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The simplest answer is to remove .rspec from your repo. It is used only by you and any other contributor don't need to see that you are using NyanCat to see how your test's are doing.

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Is there a --no-fail-fast option? Removing .rspec is too much. –  Nick Sep 19 at 5:28
I don't know. But you can do not include --fail-fast in .rspec. –  hauleth Sep 30 at 12:26

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