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In this code i want to iterate my array according to index value which is provided by code like one time i want to iterate and get output of ARGV[1] second time ARGV[3].


ARGV = ["-f","abc","-x","-p","wer"]

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

@lenght = ARGV.length
@factory_config_xml = ""
@num = 0

if @lenght != 0
    ARGV.each_with_index do |a , x|

        @num = @num + 1
        b = ARGV[@num]

        if ((a == "-f") && !(b.match "-") )

            @factory_config_xml = b
            x += 1
            @num = @num + 1

        elsif ((a == "-x") && !(b.match "-") )

            @factory_config_xml = b
            x += 1
            @num = @num + 1

        elsif ((a == "-p") && !(b.match "-") )

            @factory_config_xml = b
            x += 1
            @num = @num + 1


puts @factory_config_xml 
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Why use instance variables everywhere? My eyes are bleeding... – Eureka Sep 21 '12 at 9:23
Did you mean that you want to traverse your array jumping by 2 in each iteration? Please be specific about what you actually want. – Samiron Sep 21 '12 at 9:34
it's not 2 every time. I am deciding jumping on run time. – SSP Sep 21 '12 at 9:45

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Instead of reinventing the wheel again, why don't you use an option parser library to parse your program arguments.

For example with OptionParser your life would be much easier.

In this particular problem, incrementing the x variable by one won't help you, because in the next iteration each_with_index will pass the next integer again. So, you should create your own loop:

i = 0
while (i < ARGV.length) do
  # do your stuff with the incrementing but take care to increment in each loop
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