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I have my code written like this,

  function ftpsend()

  Dim vPath As String
  Dim vFile As String
  Dim vFTPServ As String
  Dim fNum As Long
  Dim currntdir As String

  currntdir = ThisWorkbook.Path & "\"

 vPath = currntdir
 vFile = currntdir & "abc.xml"
 vFTPServ = "ftp.abc.com" 

  'Mounting file command for ftp.exe
  fNum = FreeFile()
 Open vPath & "abc.txt" For Output As #fNum
 Print #1, "USER student" 
 Print #1, "xxxxx"
 Print #1, "send " & vFile  
 Print #1, "close" 
 Print #1, "quit" 

 Shell "ftp -n -i -g -s:" & vPath & "abc.txt  " & vFTPServ, vbNormalFocus

 end function 

Now, the shell command displays the output in the console ftp.exe as

Connected to ftp.abc.com
220 Microsoft FTP service
ftp>USER student
230 User logged in 
ftp>send D:abc.xml
200 PORT command successful
226 Transfer Complete 
221>Good bye

I want this output from console as it is copied into a text file.Because,sometimes when the username and password are incorrect, it displays the message as " User not logged in ", "Login failed" in the console.I want to handle that error.Any other way to handle ftp errors? Please Help...

Thanks in advance

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Try replacing

Shell "ftp -n -i -g -s:" & vPath & "abc.txt  " & vFTPServ, vbNormalFocus


Shell "ftp -n -i -g -s:" & vPath & "abc.txt  " & vFTPServ & " > test.txt", vbNormalFocus


Shell "ftp -n -i -g -s:" & vPath & "abc.txt  " & vFTPServ & " >> test.txt", vbNormalFocus

> or >> diverts console output to a file. Both > and >> will create test.txt if it does not exist. > will delete an existing text.txt while >> will append the new output to the existing contents of test.txt.

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sorry!! It didnt work.It is just placing only the line "ftp>" in the test.txt file.All my output is not copied to the text file.Any other solution please!! –  Mahe Sep 21 '12 at 10:49
Are you using >? Having thought about your output, my guess is that each line counts as a separate output. With > each line would delete the existing file and create a new one. Result test.txt only contains the last line "ftp>". Try >>. –  Tony Dallimore Sep 21 '12 at 11:08
Tried with both combinations '>' and '>>'. Gave in this way Shell "ftp.exe -n -i -g -s:" & vPath & "\abc.txt " & vFTPServ & " >> Test.txt", vbNormalFocus Same output results for both of them.Could not find the reason why only last line is getting copied! –  Mahe Sep 21 '12 at 11:28
Sorry but I have no further suggestions. I have never used divert with ftp but use it successfully with a number of other programmes that output to the console. The only difference I can see is that I do not use Shell. Instead I create a batch file containing 100s of commands and divert all their console output to a text file. Sudden idea. Is > an escape character for Shell so >> is being converted to >? You could try >>>>. You could also try creating a batch file containing the ftp command and see if that works. –  Tony Dallimore Sep 21 '12 at 12:59
microsoft.com/resources/documentation/windows/xp/all/proddocs/…. Also make sure you know where the output file is being created (eg. Use the full path) –  Tim Williams Sep 21 '12 at 15:07

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