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I am seeing a crash in my xerces xml generating code, within the function XMLFormatter::handleUnEscapedChars. The exact line where the error occurs seems to be the following:

          = fXCoder->transcodeTo(srcPtr, srcChars,
                                 fTmpBuf, kTmpBufSize,
                                 charsEaten, unRepOpts);

The content of srcPtr seems to be fine, however fTmpBuf seems to be have some junk.

srcPtr contains:


in contrast fTmpBuf contains some junk at the start of the buffer, can anyone comprehend why this would happen?

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without more context, you are very unlikely to get any responses ... how does the code before the given statement look like? if your program is running from the console, is there any output? what happens when you run your program in the debugger ? – codeling Sep 21 '12 at 9:39
this is not reproducible in the debugger, all i see are core dumps, it is something related to the escaping of characters. A very strange one because it does not occur in every instance, let me add more details above – godzilla Sep 21 '12 at 10:05

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