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I have VCL application in delphi. One main form and many child forms. How to ensure only one form opened at a time. In other words, If a form is opened, it will close previous form. Or, if user try to open form that same with previous, it will do nothing. Code to open form in my main form:

procedure TFMainForm.OpenForm(const classname: string);
  c: TPersistentClass;
  f: TForm;
    c := GetClass(classname);
    if c <> nil then
      f := TForm(TControlClass(c).Create(nil));
      f.Parent := Self;

The child form is self-freed on close event.

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rather dangerous hack with Form.Parent. Maybe be better to use MDI and ensure it is always maximized?… – Arioch 'The Sep 21 '12 at 9:19
@Arioch, I can't see anything dangerous on assigning parenthood to forms created by yourself though, but you're right, it looks like OP tries to make an MDI application in wrong way. – TLama Sep 21 '12 at 9:29
Yes, you're right. I try to make MDI application. But I want child form to fill only a small portion of main form. So, I set the child form borderless, and set child form's parent to main form. – Niyoko Yuliawan Sep 21 '12 at 9:35
@TLama QC108580 - one wrong step and you're paralyzed. – Arioch 'The Sep 21 '12 at 9:52
That is not MDI app. MDI in windows consists of visible main window + invisible main host window + child windows. I'd rather do MDI in the standard MDI way. – Arioch 'The Sep 21 '12 at 9:53
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If you make 'f' a variable in your mainform, instead of a local variable, you will have a reference to the currently open form. You can use that reference to close that form or to check its class.

Two notes:

  • You'll have to reset the variable if you close the form without opening another.
  • I wonder why you would want to do this. Isn't it more friendly to let your users decide whether they want to open multiple forms?

As an alternative, you could make the child forms modal (use ShowModal instead of Show), but that would block access to the main form when the child form is open.

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As I mentioned in my comment above, I want the child form to fill only a small portion of main form. – Niyoko Yuliawan Sep 21 '12 at 9:37

Maybe not the same scenario but you could have a SubscriptionList, where every created form is Subscribed on create and unsubscribed on destroy. In that way you can check if your window is in the list, if it doesn't exist create, if already exist move focus to the form.

We use this approach to open the same form with diferent data (an invoice for example) and track them to not open the same invoice twice.

If you are doing for example a Dashboard and using a form for each piece of info you can track them all with the Subscription list instead of having a variable for each one.

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Intercept "new form is getting active" event -

Enumerate the forms and ensure for all the other forms .Visible is false -

Or, if user try to open form that same with previous, it will do nothing

What do you mean ? and how can user do it if other forms are hidden and he can no more see buttons/menus to open other forms?

Maybe all you need is TForm.ShowModal ?

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This is the beginning of a world of pain. It does what the user asks, and is going to create some really cool bugs. Especially if applied to an existing codebase, which is probably what the OP is trying to do, which is probably to implement a crazy bad hack instead of fixing a bug. But since I'm heading off into mind-reading territory, I'll avoid trying to counsel the OP directly. – Warren P Sep 22 '12 at 17:05

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