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Extremely need some advice in JS carousels (based on any library, but JQuery would be preferable).

My needs:

  • circular
  • carousel movement starts with mouse hover on prev/next buttons
  • availability of setting visual separator between last and first elements of the carousel

I found a http://www.enova-tech.net/eng/lab/jmycarousel and it's perfectly suitable for me. But i can't put a separator between last and first elements of the carousel, because it's width is smaller than width of normal element. E.g.:

<li width=200></li>
<li width=200></li>
<li width=200></li>
<li width=50>separator</li>

And this carousel believes that every element has the same width (i guess not only this carousel, but many others too), so because of that there are appearing bugs.

So the question is: do you know some carousels providing functionality that suites my needs?

P.S. jCarousel have similar problem.

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How to create a custom jquery carousel? its having some of your solution with custom creation of carousel

if you wana go with only http://www.enova-tech.net/eng/lab/jmycarousel do the changes in css for effect you wanting

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