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I'am going to develop peer-to-peer VoIP iOS application. And want do it without any SIP proxy, SIP providers and other servers. Just VoIP calls frpm iOSdevice-to-iOSdevice. Both iOS device could be somewhere in Internet. Is it real in VoIP (with PJSIP for example and general with SIP)?

Could you please point me to main keys that I need for development.

I have already read these topics. Is it real solve problems with addressing in my configuration. PJSIP could help with correcting addressing?

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Hello @user1682856 have u found any perfect solution for this. actually i am looking for same now a days so need your help in this. –  Kartik Nov 28 '12 at 19:09
me too looking to achieve the same. –  Nicolas Manzini Apr 29 at 19:08

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See Frank Shearar's Answer Here

In short, it looks like this would be a very difficult task.

Another option would be to use the Twilio SDK for iPhone (Obj-C). This would work well for what you're trying to do and would be a whole lot easier. Link

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