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I am new to Spring and I want to clarify something about it. I developed an application for student management, for private institutes. It can record student details (address, phone number, enrolled courses, grade etc...), course details, payments from students, report generating module, details about lectures etc.,

However, I didn't use much of AOP to develop this app, except for rare cases like logging. But Spring AOP is a big part in Spring according to my knowledge. My question is, is AOP a big part of spring or am I missing the places where I should have used it (I am guessing I made newbie mistake of not using AOP much)? If so, can you clarify me where I should have used these concepts, so that I can learn from my mistake.

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For some use general use case of AOP (or AspectJ) you can have a look at this question: stackoverflow.com/questions/4313789/what-is-aspectj-good-for -- maybe it helps you to understand where AOP is useful and where not –  Ralph Sep 21 '12 at 10:00

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I think I've actively used AOP in only a handful of projects over the years. In my work with Spring I use it rarely compared to most of the other Spring features. As such, I'm aware of it and what it can do, but I don't worry that I'm not ticking that particular box.

It's useful to understand what it is, and what it can do for you. However Spring is doing work for you already that leverages this, and you're likely to be using it already without knowing it! Being aware of AOP and how it works is the major issue here. As such, it sounds like you have this covered.

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AOP is a big part in Spring according to my knowledge

Yes it is, As you are already using AOP for logging, for better understanding of AOP read here on aop

Basically aop increased you modularity of application by separation of cross-cutting concerns.

such as it helped you lot at the time of transaction management logging etc.

AOP in spring is used:

  1. To provide declarative enterprise services such as declarative transaction management
  2. To allow users to implement custom aspects.


For my understanding you can use transaction management in your application. as you are maintaing the records of students, course, fee etc associated with students.

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My view is that AOP is great if you are building a framework (like spring), as it allows the framework to implement cross cutting code that doesn't greatly impact the users of the framework, for example in spring:


This one line of code in a service class invokes significant transaction management functionality.

However, for normal web-apps (for example), custom aspects should be used sparingly because:

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Yes it is. As a spring developer I also not have used it regularly in most projects, but It is used in advanced areas in spring developing. And it does not matter weather you used it in the project or not. As time goes, you will come across situations where you need to use aop.

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Spring AOP used to tracking entire activity of user in large business applications.
More like logging using AOP we can identify user consumed classes and methods and if any error occurs in any method, developers or customer helpers can identify problem soon and can give solution soon than reading log files.

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According to my knowledge I believe spring aop plays a big part. It's is somehow not used frequently in all the projects. But when you do use, you will see how convenient it is to have aop.

take this example.

You do several queries and you need it to be transaction. How would you normally handle it? well you will have to specifically make it a transaction in your sql query or you will have to put some code in the business logic to make sure it is a transaction. But if you can do this using a single annotation, how convenient it would be? Besides, putting things like logging inside your logic is not a good thing. So aop will handle all these things separably so that you do not have to mix all these things with your business logic.

I hope above example is useful for you.

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