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If I have a list of n commands, c = c1 ... cn, how can I execute them in order for a given target? I tried the foreach construct

$(foreach x,$(c),./$(x))

but that puts all the commands on one line. Any clues?

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Sounds like you want bash for that more than Make. –  Flexo Sep 21 '12 at 10:20

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You identified the problem (“but that puts all the commands on one line”). You just need to append a newline whenever you expand $x in your loop.

define \n


Now simply use $(foreach x,$c,./$(x)${\n}) in your recipe.

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OK, thanks bobbogo! –  August Karlstrom Sep 21 '12 at 12:59

If there is no need to check for success, then adding semicolon should work:

$(foreach x,$c,./$(x);)

If you need to fail if one of the command in the list returns failure, you need to break it in steps. Instead of directly executing the commands, we wrap the execution in a make function:

empty =
tab = $(empty)$(shell printf '\t')$(empty)

define execute-command


        $(foreach x,$(c),$(call execute-command,./$(x)))

(I would normally define tab by inserting actual tab character there, but I need to be whitespace agnostic here;-))

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