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So I followed all the steps in the fb docs ( ), I added the admin id and app Id meta tags and tried both the html5 and fbxml versions, but without success. I read in another post that it can take sometime before the comments show up, but it has been more then 14hrs now and still nothing... so clearly something is wrong.

I created a new app, but I didn't specify anything under "Select how your app integrates with Facebook", it doesn't mention it in the fb docs. Or should I fill in something there?

The commenting itself works fine, and they do show up in the stream on Facebook. It's just the moderation tool doesn't show them? This is the test page I put together ->

Any idea's why the moderation tool remains empty?

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I think the documentation for the comments plugins could use a little update. I put the url through and it said there was problem with the url for the app. So I specified the app domain and site url, and added the og meta tag (not mentioned in the docs as required...). And the moderate view showed up on Although it's still empty on, it's an improvement :) – tijmen Sep 21 '12 at 14:18

the Comment Moderation Tool hasn't been working for me either since March of this year... I'm looking in to this post --> Facebook comment moderation tool The author says it may take a while for Facebook to update itself.

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If it is a caching problem you may try to "fetch new scrape information" for the site on this page:

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