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In my script, this function parts build links:

if ($type == "mod_rewrite") {
    $prepend = "";
    $append = ".html";

} else if ($type == "query_string") {
    	$prepend = 'index.php?params=';
    	$append = "/";
    $gamelink = 'game/id/gamename' (example)
    /* 'game' is a fixed string.  
        'id' and 'gamename' are variables) */

and my .htacess is as below:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule  ^(.*)\.html$ index.php?params=$1 [NC,L]

The Problem:

I have in game page a ajax rating bar which works perfectly in query string mode:

(in this examples: gamename = 'Arm Copter' and gameid = '3')

Game link:


Rating link (mouse-over stars images)


Using ModRewrite: Game Link:


Rating Link (stars missing, show only numbers correspondent to stars):


The problem here, seems to be url part 'game/id/' inserted, because the correct path to db.php is:


and not:


I spent 2 days searching and testing various approaches, but i don't found a solution. I need a rule which don't rewrite the ajax rating bar or rewrite to correct paths.


Junior Senior - Brazil.

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What URIs do you use for reference? You’re probably using the “wrong” ones (probably relative ones). –  Gumbo Aug 10 '09 at 7:31
Hi Gumbo, // The local path of Script on my local server: $cfg['instdir'] = 'D:/Program Files/wamp/www/gss/'; The URL of my Script: $cfg['baseurl'] = 'localhost/gss/';; Path to ajax star rater: D:/Program Files/wamp/www/gss/plugins/ajax_star_rater/db.php In my index.php, i have this links for the ajax star rater: <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="plugins/ajax_star_rater/css/rating.css" /> <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="plugins/ajax_star_rater/js/rating.js"></script> What i need to change? To use absolute paths? Thanks, Junior. –  Junior Aug 10 '09 at 11:28

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I've found the solution: You have to edit the rating.js -

function sndReq(vote,id_num,ip_num,units) {
var theUL = document.getElementById('unit_ul'+id_num); // the UL

// switch UL with a loading div
theUL.innerHTML = '<div class="loading"></div>';

xmlhttp.open('get', 'rpc.php?j='+vote+'&q='+id_num+'&t='+ip_num+'&c='+units);
xmlhttp.onreadystatechange = handleResponse;

You need to change this line:

xmlhttp.open('get', '../../rpc.php?j='+vote+'&q='+id_num+'&t='+ip_num+'&c='+units); 

The part before rpc.php need to be ../../

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In the html for the rating link that calls the plugin (http://localhost/gss/game/3/plugins/ajax_star_rater/db.php) you are probably using a relative path from the current folder, sounds like you need to use a path relative to the root folder.

Instead of:

<a href="plugins/ajax_star_rater/db.php">Rate me!</a>

You need to add a start the link with / and write the full path to the script:

<a href="/gss/plugins/ajax_star_rater/db.php">Rate me!</a>

Hope that helps.

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