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I tries to execute this script:


First time script runs successfully, but on the second start node.js throwing error: Error: listen EADDRINUSE

Is there any way to reuse sockets (unix and tcp too)?

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Apparently your script/listener/server from the first call is still running. You have to kill the script/process that is listening in order to use the same port again.

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Node is already listening to 'tmp/test' , how would it listen to it again?

Like you cannot allow two applications to listen on ONE PORT, so is with SOCKET. One should only be allowed by one.

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Actually, you can. with SO_REUSEPORT[1], that is how Node.js Cluster Module works for load balancing. [1] - lwn.net/Articles/542629 –  David Dias Jul 25 at 3:07

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