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A random variable Y has a distribution with density f given by

f(y)= y-1/6 if 1<=y<=4

  -(y-5/6) if 4<=y<=5

   0  else

Use R to produce a plot of the densityfunction of Y . This is my question how do i plot it using R program?

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whats with the python? shouldn't you retag? – root Sep 21 '12 at 10:43

Use ifelse

  (y <- c(1:6)) 
[1] 1 2 3 4 5 6
(fy <-  ifelse(1<=y & y<4,  y-1/6, ifelse(4<=y & y<=5, -(y-5/6), 0)))
[1]  0.8333333  1.8333333  2.8333333 -3.1666667 -4.1666667  0.0000000
plot(fy~y, type='l') 

enter image description here

I assumed the following: if 1 <= y < 4 then y-1/6 4 <= y <=5 then -(y-5/6) y>5 then 0

This avoids the overlaping you have in 1<=y<=4 and 4<=y<=5

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