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I'm fairly new to JavaScript and jQuery. I'm trying to add a slider to my web page. So I want to make it look like the slider at http://www.orthoimplantcompany.com/products/ Can any one please give me an idea on how to do this? I have three products. After click on one product, it should open the image gallery so that the user can see the products.

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whathaveyoutried.com –  Nikola Sep 21 '12 at 10:51
That's a grid with a filter, it isn't a slide show –  Sandeep Bansal Sep 21 '12 at 10:53
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There are following js framework


if you want to go to other page, you need to wrapp IMG tag into A

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3rd result on Google: http://speckyboy.com/2009/06/03/15-amazing-jquery-image-galleryslideshow-plugins-and-tutorials/

StackOverflow is about letting us know what you've tried, and asking clear questions around what to do, or why isn't some specific code working.

It's not really a "How do I do this?" site - http://stackoverflow.com/faq

Try out some sliders, give it a go, follow it through and then ask with specific questions if you can't get it working. Good luck!

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If you are starting out with JavaScript and jQuery, use one of the freely available plugins that matches what you need, for example Tiny Carousel.

Once you see how the plugins work, you may want to adjust it or write your own from scratch.

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