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How can get object from a list<> with a int index?

List<BasicLow> _list = new List<BasicLow>();

int positionInList=0; //for example from position zero!

BasicLow aux = new BasicLow();

aux = _list.**WHAT I PUT HERE?**



Thanks but i try this(aux = _list[positionInlist];)! give me a error "Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection."

But i has assurance the positionInlist exist on _list!

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Is the same as Array, I'm surprised. This demonstrated you haven't readed anything about Collections in .Net, is a very low quality question, this is not the place to this question. Go to google and search for "c# collections" and you will get a lot of info about how to accessing items in collections. –  Alberto León Sep 21 '12 at 11:18

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aux = _list[positionInList];
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Try like this:

aux = _list[positionInList];
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You need to use the indexer:

BasicLow aux = _list[positionInList];

Note: there is no point in initializing to a new object if you are going to immediately replace with the results of a lookup.

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Can't you just do this?

aux = _list[positionInList];
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Will give you The object

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Your example shows nothing being placed in the list. And if the list is empty, then there is no index that is a valid index.

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