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I submitted an app which is not iPhone 5 screen compatible. I got a response from the App Store team as follows:

Dear xxx,

If you are updating your app for iPhone 5 and iPod touch (5th generation), you must provide additional screenshots to support the new screen dimensions for the App Store. The new screenshot dimensions are: 640 x 1136 (portrait) 640 x 1096 (portrait) 1136 x 640 (landscape) 1136 x 600 (landscape) To deliver new screenshots, go to the Version Details page in the Manage Your Applications module on iTunes Connect. If you deliver a new app binary that takes advantage of the new screen size for iPhone 5 or iPod touch (5th generation) without screenshots in the new dimensions, the status of your app will change to Missing Screenshot. Your app will not be reviewed until you upload screenshots with the correct dimensions. You will also need to upload screenshots for any added localizations you have set up on iTunes Connect. For more information on screenshot requirements, see the Asset Specifications section in the iTunes Connect Developer Guide. Regards, The App Store team

Since I am not targeting the app for iPhone 5, what are the steps that I should follow to resubmit it? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Did your recently submitted app really get rejected? Please re-check its state, because I got the same email without even submitting a new version. It might be just a coincidence!

I think this is just a general note that Apple sent to all developers. Also, it says "If you are updating your app for iPhone 5...". So, if you are not, you can safely ignore the rest.

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I got it too, without submitting an update. No worries. –  Ivan Vučica Sep 21 '12 at 20:50

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