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Hi I am trying to implement MCEL in my application to be able to sell some digital goods. previously I had MCL which is pretty easy to setup but MCEL is confusing me a little bit. the example code which was given by paypal MECL is accessing some weburl based .jsp

If I want to use MCEL

  1. do I need SSL server?, SSL website?

  2. I have linux hosting with PHP. is it enough for MCEL?

  3. Paypal says we need to pass this url from a secure server " " + "&drt=" +_deviceReferenceToken + "&token=valueFromSetExpressCheckoutResponse";

  4. I get the deviceReferenceId when I initialize the paypal instance but where do I get the ValueFromSetExpressCheckoutResponse?

  5. can anyone please show me some code how to begin with MCEL

thanks in advance krish

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I think you need to use ExpressCheckout API first:


then you can get response:


here is the token you need.If you don't have (&USER=xxx&PWD=xx&SIGNATURE=xx), you need to create a seller account on sandbox

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