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I'm trying to search off the contents of a sub-document referenced by ObjectId, like so:

Model.Idea.findOne('_key.code':code).populate('_key').exec (err,idea) ->
  return done err if err
  should.exist idea

The schema looks like this:

Key = new mongoose.Schema(
    type: String
    enum: types
    index: true
    type: String
      unique: true
Model.Key = ...

Idea = new mongoose.Schema(
  text: String
  name: String
    type: mongoose.Schema.Types.ObjectId
    ref: 'Key'
Model.Idea = ...

The reason that I'm doing it like this is that I want to pre-allocate a bunch of keys across a variety of key types and then allocated them out as needed.

For some reason I thought this was possible but the query doesn't seem to be returning any results. Is there a way to do it without looking up the key first and then referencing the Id? I think I may have got the impression you can do this from embedded subdocuments though...

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Nope. Your Idea.findOne query selector cannot refer to properties within _key because its population doesn't occur until after the main query completes.

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Yup, and even if it could magic the data out of thin air it would be doing a load of invisible work. –  chrisbateskeegan Sep 21 '12 at 13:27


.populate('_key', null, {'code':code})
.exec (err,idea) ->
  return done err if err
  should.exist idea
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That won't quite do it. It would get the first Idea document from the collection and then populate the _key field only it satisfies the {'code':code} condition. –  JohnnyHK Sep 21 '12 at 22:27
Yeah and presumably the alternative would be fetching all of the ideas Model.Idea.find().populate('_key',null,{'code',code}).exec(...), poulating '_key' on matching documents, which is quickly untractable. This question was wishful thinking on my part. –  chrisbateskeegan Sep 23 '12 at 8:26

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