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In R with a matrix:

m <- matrix(1:20, ncol = 4) 
colnames(m) <- letters[1:4]

In the case I want to select just one value, it works. Like this,

subset(m, m[,4] == 17)  

But if I want for example 3 values, I get an error. look at this:

subset(m, m[,4] == c(17,19,20,"|"))

any suggestion?

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without using subset

m[ m[,4] %in% c(17, 19, 20),]
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Thanks very much for both great answers. –  Mitra Rahmati Sep 21 '12 at 11:50

Change == by %in%

subset(m, m[,4] %in% c(17,19,20))
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