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I'm using a iframe with base url http://test.com/links

<iframe src="http://test.com/links?plugins=true"></iframe> 

and iframe content has a link inside like

 <a href="/test"> links </a>

If I use anchor tag href in iframe with forward slash(/), the href is generated like

<a href="http://test.com/test"> links </a>

If I use href without slash, the href generated is

<a href="http://test.com/links?plugins=true/test"> links </a>

I want a link with base url followed by href content like below

<a href="http://test.com/links/test"> links </a>

any suggestions using anchor tags inside iframe?

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IFRAME tag can't contain any child tag. Anything in it will be interpreted as the IFRAME element's text and it's never displayed. –  Jay Sep 24 '12 at 2:20
sorry. I meant the link generated in iframe.corrected my question. please check –  sgi Sep 24 '12 at 6:57

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In your iframe page, add <base href="http://test.com/links"/> in the <head> section.


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