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We are developing a web based GIS platform. We were planning to use Google maps' satellite view as BASE LAYER and serve WMS content through Geoserver as NON-BASE LAYERS. However since our application will also support premium content for registered users this violates Google's terms of use for the GoogleMaps API, and not only that.. It seems that it also violates Microsoft's Bing Maps and Nokia Maps ToU

Particularly for the latter due to the following clause in its terms of use:

6.3 Use of the Service When using the Service, unless otherwise agreed in writing with Nokia, You hereby agree that You will not: vi) create an Application which displays any Content outside of the Service. For example, You may not use Content outside of the Nokia Maps service. You may not combine, mix or commingle any Content or Features with third party APIs, services or content similar to the Content or Features provided by the Service, for example with any third party map;

Since the area we will cover with our platform is relatively small I was thinking to purchase georeferenced aerial images from a provider i.e. Terraserver and use them as a BASE LAYER, however:

  1. the cost - although considerably less to licensing - is still a barrier and
  2. implementation complexity is increased,

Any recommendations or ideas on other options?

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