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I have a UITableView, named Favorites section. If i add an entry to the favorites section, i can see it loaded correctly in the favorites section, but if i continue and try to add another entry, it will only work if i go to favorites section, then the original section and then back to the favorites section, as if something is holding her from refreshing.
I tried to put
[UiTableView reloadData] in the viewWillAppear , but still no result. I even tried [self.tableView reloadData] and still. Any ideas what to do?
Note that i am using a tab bar

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Please make sure you have properly added your record in datasource, and after that only u have reloaded data.

You can just reload a section if you know in which section you are adding else, you can use insertRows method to just update new record in your table, reloading entire table for a row is bad practice.

Hope this helps

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Thank you a lot :D:D:D:D: – Elias Rahme Sep 24 '12 at 6:42
Happy to help :) – DivineDesert Sep 24 '12 at 8:21

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