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I installed the Basic TFS trail version and now it got expired. It is mandatory for me to get the History of TFS. How can I get the history of TFS? Where it stores the history? Is it stores in the SQlExpress? then, is there anyway to get the saved history from sqlexpress?

Please help me asap. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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Digging through the database is not trivial. You'd have to piece the history back together and de-deltify all the blogs.

It would be much easier just to get your TFS instance working again so that you can get the files out of it. TFS Express 2012 is now available, and has no such time restriction. It's free for up to 5 users. You may be able to upgrade your existing installation.

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If you are still able to do a get, you could hook up git-tfs. Once you execute the git-tfs clone, you will be able to view the history using git. You can look at this tutorial for more information.

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Did you consider trying querying the TFSWarehouse and use and automatic script to recreate history ?

Reference: Export TFS 2010 History to Excel or Text Document

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