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Being new to OpenID, I have read the v2.0 spec and sketched out what I think happens in a fairly simple auth case. I then downloaded the DotNetOpenAuth samples and using these and various web searches have tried to understand the samples and the process flow better but I'm struggling.
I am trying to write an OpenID provider but it is hard to learn each step since DotNetOpenAuth has too little documentation that I can find and the various tutorials around are either too brief, too old (v1) or too confusing.
I thought of decrypting the conversation with google on an OpenID site but somehow google manages to prevent Fiddler from decrypting its ssl traffic.
Can anyone point me at a technical but clear tutorial/introduction/guide to writing an OpenID provider, preferably using the DotnetOpenAuth library? I think I'm nearly there!

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I hope this and/or this can help you.

Edit: also found this example.

I am also struggling to understand and find much useful material for dotnetopenauth.

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